SiberianMinerals mining company

the steel path
We are the
beginning of
work, SiberianMinerals mining company has proved itself as a reliable partner
Over the long history of successful work, SiberianMinerals mining company has proved itself as a reliable partner
The mission of our company is to ensure the supply of high quality products directly from the manufacturer in a short time
The main line of our business is the dolomite extraction, scrap metal's sale and metal rolling
Over the long history of successful
We are a team of professionals with the highest level of expertise in the field of metallurgy, logistics, finance, customs and international law
SiberianMinerals are people
Our products
Sheet metal rolling
Long products
Pipe rolling
Structural shapes
Check out the benefits of working with us
Large volume of products that are always in stock
Ensure timely delivery all over the world
Provide 24/7 customer service and paperwork
Our corporate culture
We use the latest mining technologies raw materials to minimize burden on the environment. Isolation degree of technological cycle close to 100%
Environmental responsibility
We create new job places, improve quality of life of our employees and their families, develop the socio-economic situation of our region
Social responsibility
We follow principles of an effective management and business ethics, train our employees, maintain high standards of corporate culture
Corporate responsibility
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